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Indexing of documents (UDC, LBC, SCSTI, copyright mark)

Dear Readers!

Within the framework of the remote service of the Scientific Library, an online service operates:

Assinging of the UDC, LBC, SCSTI index and the copyright mark to:

– books (educational publications, monographs);

– science articles;

– doctoral, master’s theses.

To get the index, you must provide:

1. The title of the publication or the title page of your work, indicating the full name of the   authors (if the work is in a foreign language, translation of the title).

2. Brief annotation, keywords.

3. Full name, contact phone number.

Send this information to WhatsApp: 87779340535

The cost of the service is 100 tenge.  Payment is made through Kaspi at 87779340535.

Working hours: from 9.00 to 18.00.

Day off: Saturday, Sunday.