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Beisembayev Library work rules for the quarantine period

Beisembayev Library from 09.11 2020 has been working in conditions of limited functioning.

Working hours:

Monday – Friday 09.00-18.00.

Technical breaks for processing, ventilation and disinfection of the room: 13.00-14.00 and 17.00-17.15.

Days off: Saturday and Sunday.

Cleanup  day: last Friday of the month.

Rules for working with visitors

1. Services in the reading room and public events in the Beisembayev Library have been temporarily suspended.

2. Only the acceptance and delivery of literature is carried out.

3. Readers are served by appointment with an indication of the date and time of the visit.

You can sign up for a visit to the Beisembayev Library and leave a request for the selection of literature:

by phone – tel.  8 (7182) 67-36-84

by email –

 a message in the Beisembayev Library group in INSTAGRAM

– If the reader has not signed up for a visit to the library in advance, he will need to wait for a free window in service or sign up for another day.

– The delivery of books is carried out only by the librarian, the reader’s independent selection of books in the open access is temporarily suspended.

– The movement of users around the library is prohibited, service is carried out only in the organized reception / distribution area of ​​literature in the entrance hall of the library in accordance with the schedule of preliminary registration.

– One person is served at a time, the rest are waiting in compliance with the measures of social (sanitary) distance: the distance between people is at least 1.5 meters.

– Visiting the library without personal protective equipment is prohibited: mandatory wearing of masks by librarians and visitors, recommended use of gloves by librarians and visitors.