Webinar: “Successful TOEFL preparation strategies”.

Dear students and teachers!

Miami University Regionals invites you to participate in the webinar “Successful TOEFL Preparation Strategies”.After the webinar, all participants will receive personalized certificates.

📆 The webinar will be held on May 20 at 17: 30 Moscow time

What will happen at the webinar:

  • we will tell you how to effectively increase your vocabulary;
  • let’s share techniques for developing grammatical skills;
  • let’s reveal the secrets of improving fluency of speech;
  • At the meeting, representatives of the university will talk about the intensive English language “Test-drive your English”.

Who is suitable for this webinar?

Applicants who are preparing for the English language exams

Students who are preparing for the international TOEFL exam

Graduates who need to write an essay in English when applying for a job