Online courses for librarians of Kazakhstan

Traditional library activities are not disappearing. Working under restrictions and optimization does not eliminate the offline activity of the library. At the same time, Beisembayev library seeks and picks up new areas of activity, shows activity, initiative, continues to develop in order to keep up with modern trends. The library has become very popular as a support service. The work on providing assistance not only to users, but also to their colleagues: librarians of urban and rural libraries, colleges, has grown.

Librarians today do not need stability, but need the opportunity for personal growth, learning new skills. Now there are many online and offline professional development courses in different areas of library work. However, we found that there is a gap in the professional development of librarians in rural and urban libraries. Having formed two groups of specialists from urban and rural libraries of the Yerementau Central Library System, Tselinograd district and other districts of the Akmola region, from April 15 to 24, 2021, for the first time conducted online courses on the topic “Organization of library work in modern conditions”. The students of the courses, more than 40 people, were happy to listen to lectures, perform practical tasks, and finally fill out questionnaires with questions about the quality and effectiveness of the courses. The answers we received encourage us to continue conducting courses for library workers in Kazakhstan.

At these meetings, participants received important information, exchanged knowledge and experience with colleagues, made new professional contacts, enjoyed the atmosphere and pleasant communication, and gained motivation to implement the ideas and solutions that arose at the event.

A large role in the possibility of improving the skills of the staff of mass libraries in remote mode was played by the director of the library Amanova G. K., a specialist in scientific and methodological work Alzhanova B. S., a specialist of the CPC Nurlybek D. B.

Specialist Beisembayev library Alzhanova B. S.