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Address and working hours

Beisembayev Library 64 Lomova str., main building

Working hours:

Monday – Friday 09.00-18.00.

Days off: Saturday and Sunday.

Cleanup  day: last Friday of the month.

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Beisembayev Library work rules for the quarantine period

Beisembayev Library from 09.11 2020 has been working in conditions of limited functioning.

Working hours:

Monday – Friday 09.00-18.00.

Technical breaks for processing, ventilation and disinfection of the room: 13.00-14.00 and 17.00-17.15.

Days off: Saturday and Sunday.

Cleanup  day: last Friday of the month.

Rules for working with visitors

1. Services in the reading room and public events in the Beisembayev Library have been temporarily suspended.

2. Only the acceptance and delivery of literature is carried out.

3. Readers are served by appointment with an indication of the date and time of the visit.

You can sign up for a visit to the Beisembayev Library and leave a request for the selection of literature:

by phone – tel.  8 (7182) 67-36-84

by email –

 a message in the Beisembayev Library group in INSTAGRAM

– If the reader has not signed up for a visit to the library in advance, he will need to wait for a free window in service or sign up for another day.

– The delivery of books is carried out only by the librarian, the reader’s independent selection of books in the open access is temporarily suspended.

– The movement of users around the library is prohibited, service is carried out only in the organized reception / distribution area of ​​literature in the entrance hall of the library in accordance with the schedule of preliminary registration.

– One person is served at a time, the rest are waiting in compliance with the measures of social (sanitary) distance: the distance between people is at least 1.5 meters.

– Visiting the library without personal protective equipment is prohibited: mandatory wearing of masks by librarians and visitors, recommended use of gloves by librarians and visitors.

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Guidelines for using of Beisembayev Library

1 Generalrequirements

1.1 This regulation of use for Beisembayev Library Toraighyrov University are developed in accordance with the Model guidelines for using of the Library of Higher Educational Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Bulletin of the Higher School of Kazakhstan. – 1995. – No. 4.- P. 120 – 123) and the Regulations on the Beisembayev Library, approved by I. about. Deputy Chairman of the Board for administrative, social and educational work of NJSC “Toraigyrov University” 2020

1.2 The rules regulate the general organization for services for university readers, the rights and obligations of the library and the readers.

2 General guidelines for using of the library

2.1 The right for using of Beisembayev Library presents for academic teaching staff, students and specialists of the university. Other categories of readers are served on a one-off basis with the permission of the library director.

2.2. Basic library services are provided free of charge. Additional paid services are provided on the basis of the list and price lists approved by the rector of NJSC Toraigyrov University.

2.3. Readers are enrolled in the library according to a document certifying the reader’s affiliation with the university: for students – an order of admission to the university, a certificate from the dean’s office or student card, for applicants – an examination sheet, for teachers and employees – an identity card and certificates from the personal department.

2.4. The reader is issued a single library card for the right to use the library and the reader’s form is filled out (from January 2021, from the moment of the restoration of RFID technology, only an electronic library card will be issued). When registering for the library, readers get acquainted with its rules and confirm their commitment to fulfill them by signing in the library card and in the form.

2.5. The validity period of a traditional library card is one year, an electronic library card – until graduation from the university (signing a bypass sheet). Every year (before the beginning of the academic year), the library re-registrations its readers with the presentation of all literature listed for them, and the extension of the library card. The library does not service the readers who have not re-registered within the established timeframe.

2.6 The library card is the only document that gives the right to use the library. It is not permitted to transfer a library card to another person to receive books from the library.

2.7 The reader must inform the library about all changes of the surname, place of work and study, place of residence, phone number within 10 days.

2.8 Upon leaving the university, readers return to the library their iteration, periodical and library cards, sign a bypass list.

2.9 Handing-out of literature at home is carried out on subscriptions. Reading rooms provide literature for non-removable use. Encyclopedias, reference books, dissertations, current periodicals, rare and valuable books and publications are issued only for work in reading rooms. The last and only copy with the stamp “Obligatory copy” is not subject to delivery to the house.

2.10 Upon receipt of books, other printed works and other materials, readers skip over the books, if defects are found, readers inform the librarian about it, otherwise the reader who has used the publication is responsible for damage to the books.

2.11 Readers who violate the rules of use or damage to the library, bear administrative, civil (material) or criminal liability in the forms provided for by the current legislation, regulations and rules for using the library.

2.12 Readers responsible for the loss or damage to the publication replace it with the same publication, or their copies, or publications recognized by the library as equivalent, and if replacement is impossible, reimburse their real market value.

3 Guidelines for using of the subscription

3.1 On a subscription, literature is handed out to your home for the following periods:

– educational and methodological literature is issued for the period of study of the relevant subject with mandatory re-registration within the prescribed period with the presentation of specific publications;

– Small-sample educational literature is issued for 10 days;

– control copies from the main storage fund are issued for 1 day;

– scientific and special literature is issued for one month in the amount of up to 5 books;

– fiction literature is issued for 15 days in the amount of 2-3 books.

3.2 The guidelines for using of publications can be extended if there is no demand for them from other readers or reduced if the publications are available in one copy and are in high demand. The reader who has not extended the book is deprived of the right to use.

3.3 The guidelines for using of issue of small-copy editions are set by the library on a case-by-case basis, and such editions are returned upon the first request of the library.

3.4 When ordering literature on subscriptions, readers show a library card, fill out a reader’s request.

3.5 Handing-out of books on a subscription is carried out on a single library card, if this document is absent, books are not handed out for house.

Handing-out of books is issued by the reader’s receipt on the book form of each publication (date, group, surname, library card number). When the publications are returned, the reader’s receipts are canceled by striking out the date of issue. The book form is a document certifying the fact and date of issuance to the reader and receipt by the librarian of the print work.

3.6 University teachers are given no more than fifteen books, staff no more than five books.

3.7 Owing to the death of the reader, the debt on books is written off (by order of the university administration), if there is no way to repay the debt from relatives and friends, and for other reasons.

4 The guidelines for using of reading hall

4.1 Handing-out of books in the reading room is carried out with a single library card.

4.2 Handing-out of books is formalized by the reader’s receipt on the book form of each publication.

4.3 The number of books, other documents and materials given out in the reading rooms is not limited. If there is a one-time increased demand, the number of books may be limited.

4.4 It is not allowed to enter the reading rooms with personal and library books, magazines, newspapers, clippings from printed publications and other printed materials.

4.5 It is prohibited to take literature out of the reading room without the special permission of the librarian. In case of violation of this rule, readers are deprived of the right to use the library for a period determined by the administration of the library, depending on the degree of violation.

5 Reader’s rights and obligations

5.1 Readers have the right to:

– use free of charge the main types of library and information services provided by the library;

– to receive complete, reliable information on the composition of the library funds through the electronic catalog, other forms of library information;

– use the data of the electronic catalog, Internet services and other information services;

– quality service and friendly attitude;

– to receive advice in the search and selection of information sources.

5.2 The reader is not allowed to:

– visit the library in outerwear;

– enter reading rooms with bags;

– to break the silence and order in the library premises;

– transfer your library card to other persons or use someone else’s document to obtain literature;

– take books out of the library without paperwork;

– spoil library publications (make notes in them, underline, tear out sheets, bend the spines, circle illustrations and diagrams through tracing paper and carbon paper);

– violate the integrity of electronic databases, including the electronic catalog.

5.3 Readers are required to:

– to obtain literature, present a library card, fill in the requirements and sign for each publication in the book form;

– take good care of books, other printed works and other materials and library property, if necessary, make minor repairs (pasting) of publications before returning to the library;

– return the publications received in the library on time;

– take good care of your library card.

6 Library rights and obligations

6.1 Library serves the readers in accordance with Guidelines for using of Beisembayev Library Toraighyrov University and Guidelines for using of the library.

6.2 The Library has the right:

– for constant control over the returning to the library of issued books, other printed works and other materials of the library fund;

– to impose a fine, administrative measures to readers who violate the Library guidelines;

– to collect from readers the real market value of lost or damaged publications, and in case of persistent unwillingness to reimburse lost or damaged publications, apply to notarial authorities in order to reimburse the reader or his parents at the place of work of their real tenfold amount.

6.3 The library must:

– be guided by the principles of humanism, tolerance, political and ideological pluralism, equality of access to information;

– to observe in their activities political neutrality in relation to parties and social movements;

– to provide readers with the opportunity to use all the library funds; if there is a lack of the necessary literature, the library is obliged to provide the reader with the opportunity to make a photocopy of the necessary educational material;

– create and maintain the necessary conditions for the work of readers in the library, take measures to attract all students and staff to the library;

– inform readers about all types of services provided;

– popularize their funds and services provided, develop and encourage interest in the book;

– study and most fully satisfy the needs of readers;

– improve library and information services, introduce new technologies and services;

– to promote the development of information culture of users, library and bibliographic literacy of readers through oral consultations, conversations and classes on the basics of information culture and library and bibliographic knowledge;

– to record, store and use the documents in the fund in accordance with the established rules;

– to be responsible for the safety of their funds, which are part of the national cultural heritage, to monitor the timely return of the books issued to the reader to the library;

– make the next issue of books to the reader at home only after receiving from him previously issued books, the term of use of which has expired;

– inform the reader (if he is in debt) about the need to return books to the library within 10 days. If the books are not returned within this period, the library sends the reader a written request for their return or replacement with equivalent content and value. The requirement should contain a warning that penalties will be applied. In case of non-return of books or failure to replace them with equivalent ones within the specified period, the library sends to the dean’s offices, notarial authorities demands to collect from the reader or from his parents at the place of work the cost of the lost or damaged books in 10 times the market value.

6.4 It is not allowed to restrict readers’ access to the library fund for ideological and political reasons.

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Indexing of documents (UDC, LBC, SCSTI, copyright mark)

Dear Readers!

Within the framework of the remote service of the Scientific Library, an online service operates:

Assinging of the UDC, LBC, SCSTI index and the copyright mark to:

– books (educational publications, monographs);

– science articles;

– doctoral, master’s theses.

To get the index, you must provide:

1. The title of the publication or the title page of your work, indicating the full name of the   authors (if the work is in a foreign language, translation of the title).

2. Brief annotation, keywords.

3. Full name, contact phone number.

Send this information to WhatsApp: +7 777 934 05 35 (kaz), +7 705 607 95 37 (rus)

The cost of the service is 100 tenge.  Payment is made through Kaspi at +7 777 934 05 35.

Working hours: from 9.00 to 18.00.

Day off: Saturday, Sunday.

Online services

Sales of products published by ToU

Price list for publications of Toraighyrov University  [View]

Online services

Virtual reference service

Virtual reference service “Ask a bibliographer”

Welcome to the  Virtual reference service of  Beisembayev Library

Using our service, you can get an answer to your question.

Before starting to work with the help desk, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the Regulation on the Virtual reference  service.

Working hours

1. Requests are accepted daily, except Saturday and Sunday, public holidays and are processed in the order in which they are received.

2. Requests received after 16:30 are processed the next day.

3. Requests are accepted in Kazakh and Russian languages.

The library reserves the right to assign a fixed number of requests per day.

Ask a question to the bibliographer

Online services


1. General Provisions

1.1 Virtual reference service (hereinafter – VRS) of Beisembayev Library of Toraighyrov University (hereinafter – BL TOU) is an integral part of the unified system of reference and bibliographic services for library users.

1.2 VRS fulfills one-time requests from remote users related to searching for information in the Internet, in electronic catalogs and bibliographic databases, reflecting the collection of a scientific library, as well as in other sources of information available in BL TOU.

1.3 BCC operates in accordance with the Service Regulations.

2 Purpose and principles

2.1 The purpose of VRS is to provide users with access to receiving reference and information services regardless of their location.

2.2 Principles of VRS operation: general availability and free of charge for all users;  the obligation to fulfill the requests accepted for work and provide answers even in the absence of the required information;  efficiency of requests fulfillment;  confidentiality of information about users.

3 User categories

Students, Master’s degree students, doctoral students, faculty staff and employees of TOU, as well as employees of libraries of educational institutions of Pavlodar region are served.

4 Types and topics of accepted requests

4.1 Address and bibliographic, i.e.  inquiries about the availability of specific editions held in the BL collection.

4.2 Subject inquiries, the implementation of which does not entail a complex bibliographic search and can be performed on the basis of traditional and electronic bibliographic resources available in the BL TOU collection, as well as Internet resources.  In the case of the selection of information for complex scientific and educational works (dissertations, theses), VRS carries out the first stage of searching in databases, electronic catalogs and other resources using keywords that make up the research topic, and indicates possible guidelines for further independent search.

4.3 Clarification queries that establish and / or clarify missing or corrupted elements of the bibliographic description.

4.4 Factual queries containing information about a fact, event, phenomenon, person, organization, etc.

4.5 Requests on socio-economic, humanitarian, biological and technical topics are accepted, corresponding to the areas of educational and scientific, professional activities of BL TOU users.

4.6 The chronological framework of the request is established within the last five years.

4.6 From the staff of libraries of educational institutions, inquiries are accepted, suggesting answers in the form of consultation. 

5 Services provided

5.1 In response to a request, the user is provided with a bibliographic list (no more than 20 sources) with a link to the search source – a database, electronic catalog, etc., which provides the user with the opportunity to continue the search on his own, and also contributes to increasing his level of information competence.

5.2 In response to a request, the user receives a link (s) to a source of information in  the Internet for self-retrieval of information.

5.3 The ability to independently search for information in the database of completed requests, generated as requests are received, using a search engine.

5.4 When compiling the list, bibliographic descriptions are subject to minimal revision and are provided in a form identical to their entry in the original databases, therefore, they may not comply with library and bibliographic standards.

6 Timing for requests completion

6.1 Requests for the availability of specific publications in the BL TOU funds are processed within one VRS working day.

6.2 Subject inquiries, which do not entail a complex bibliographic search, are carried out within 1-3 working days of service.

6.3 Clarification and factual inquiries are made within 1-2 working days of the service.

6.4 The beginning of the execution period is counted from the hour of its receipt.

6.5 The user can find the answer to his request in the “Archive of completed requests” section, in which all responses to requests are presented in sequential numbering.  You can search by keywords.

7 Service resource base

When executing inquiries, the traditional information and retrieval apparatus of the library, the system of electronic catalogs and databases BL TOU and other libraries and information centers available via the Internet, and full-text Internet resources are used.

8 Mode and order of work of the service

8.1 Requests are accepted daily, except Saturday and Sunday, holidays and are processed in the order in which they are received.

8.2 Requests received after 16:30 will be processed the next day.

8.3 Requests are accepted in Kazakh and Russian languages.

The library reserves the right to assign a fixed number of requests per day.

9 Limitations

9.1 Requests related to the provision of entertainment information (solving crosswords, participating in contests, quizzes, etc.) are not fulfilled.

9.2 Scanned document texts are not provided.

9.3 Questions asked incorrectly are not considered.  Service employees have the right to remove them.

9.4 Requests related to the solution of mathematical, physical, chemical and other problems are not fulfilled.

9.5 Commercia questionsl  are not considered.

9.6 Requests related to searching the Internet for an electronic version of a specific book, article, dissertation, abstract, etc. are not performed.

9.7 Only one request per day is accepted from one visitor.  Within the framework of one request to the reference service, only one thematic, address, clarifying or factual request is considered.  If you have several questions in your appeal, we will answer only one of them, at our discretion.

9.8 We do not respond to questions asked by email.  VRS employees are not responsible for the possible illegality of the content of the Internet resources provided in response to requests.

10 Work recording

The VRS work is recorded in real time and is reflected in the monthly BL reports.

11 Liability

The work of VRS is carried out by specialists of BL TOU.

Online services

Electronic delivery of documents

 The Beisembayev Library offers

 electronic delivery of documents

Dear readers and colleagues!

 – reproduction (of articles and book fragments) from the library funds and collections in an amount that does not violate the legislation on the rights to the results of intellectual activity and the requirements for ensuring the safety of library funds.

Orders are accepted online.

We are glad to cooperate with you!

You can order the publications / pages of interest in the electronic reference and information resources of our library available to you.

This is an opportunity to order electronic copies of articles from periodicals and collections, fragments of books of no more than 15% of the edition from the Beisembayev Library fund.  Copying of publications to the full extent is not performed.

Orders are processed, as a rule, within 1-3 working days after receiving confirmation from you.

On Saturday, Sunday, as well as on cleanup  days, orders are not processed and dispatched.


Responsibility for unauthorized use of copies of documents received from the library, in accordance with applicable law, lies entirely with the user.  

To complete the order, follow the link to submit an application

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